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TNT Residential Pressure Washing Privacy Policy

We here at TNTRPWS, LLC acknowledge the need for privacy in our lives and especially when you purchase goods and services from any business, regardless of the format used as a consumer. Privacy is everyone’s human right. We recognize the extreme importance of privacy. As a business with legal entities, business processes, management structure, and notwithstanding our technological systems. It is all there to make your customer service experience practical, with ease of use, and to provide you, our customers with personal data privacy protection across our business operation. Our privacy security surpasses what is the required legal normal for to operate our business, our organizational processes deploy consistency, demanding policies and operating procedures.


This Privacy Statement is written to provide you with information regarding our privacy practices and allows you to make informed choices regarding your rights and how to exercise your rights in relation to your personal data collected. This privacy statement includes the collection of data from your online activity, your devices utilized to interact with TNTRPWS, LLC with customer service, support representatives, products, services, device management, applications, and those of our subsidiaries (collectively TNTRPWS, LLC). In furthermost cases TNTRPWS, LLC will be the data controller. If, there every any questions regarding the data controller for specific TNTRPWS, LLC Services, please do not hesitate to contact us at and reference TNTRPWS, LLC Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Statement does not apply to third-party applications, services, products, websites or social media that may be accessed through link on our website at (TNTRPWS, LLC) we are merely providing you with information for your convenience. To access those weblinks from on our website will cause you to leave TNTRPWS, LLC official website, which may result in the use of your personal data, sharing of your personal data, and/or collection of your personal data by third-party applications.


TNTRPWS, LLC are not responsible for third-party collection practices and the use of your personal data, we do not control, endorse or make any representations about those third-parties’ websites or their privacy practices, which can or will be different for TNTRPWS, LLC Privacy Policies and Practices. However, we will encourage all our customers to review the privacy policy of every website that you will interact with before allowing the collection and use of your personal data.


Our Privacy Policy Ethics

We have an accountability-based protocols and we’re dedicated to following the practiced principles, which are organizational based through our company’s framework and its ethics.


  • Lawfulness: In accordance to the law we will process personal data with transparency, and fairness to each of our customers and potential customers seeking our services. Data processing activities are performed with your consent in order to meet our obligations for services, legitimate purpose of operating our business, for the purpose advancement of our business for innovative technologies, and for the purpose of seamless security advancement for our dispatch operations and providing secure customer service website interaction experience.

Choice Announcements and Individual of Data Use

  • TNTRPWS, LLC will provide transparent and clear announcements as well as choice about the types of personal data that is collected. Furthermore, define the purpose for which your information is collected and processed. Our privacy policy and principles will never allow the use of your personal data for purposes that are incompatible with our ethics, Privacy Statement, or specified announcements associated with our services.

Personal Data Access

  • We will always provide our customers with reasonable access as well as the ability to review, make corrections, and amend or delete any and all personal data you have so generously shared with us for a quote for services or to delete once service has been paid for and rendered. Although, we would ask to keep specific data for marketing purposes for our company only. But, if at any time you deny our request to be able to send marketing announcement, we will honor your request to be remove from our subscriber list.

Integrity and Purposeful Limitation Personal Data

  • TNTRPWS, LLC will only collect and use your personal information as indicated, your device cookies history, browsing history, location, and any other identifiable personal data collected or for additional compatibility purposes with in accordance to the law. Moreover, we will take judicious steps to safeguard that all personal data collected is accurate, complete, and that the data collected is current. Additionally, we do use a third party to process payment for our services, their personal data collection and uses of your personal data is in their Privacy Policy, which is unique only to their payment processing methods and are not in any way associated with our collection and use of your personal data information or our Privacy Policy and Terms & Condition.

Agreement Privacy Policy Online Contractual

We (TNTRPWS, LLC) ask that you sign our online Contractual Agreement for our services, we ask that you download our contractual agreement, send yourself the contractual agreement via email, or open the Contractual Agreement on our Website and print it. We require that you read your Contractual Agreement, complete the portion that specifically details what services you want.


This Contractual Agreement will be needed to provide services, once completed, you scan your completed Contractual Agreement and send it back using our correspondence email address or e-fax, please remember to sign your contractual agreement, Our Privacy Policy and Practices include all types of personal data collected, including the Contractual Agreement. We are not responsible for the electronic transmission breeches that does not occur on our business Website.


Online Payments and Data Security

  • To protect you, our customer from unauthorized use and disclosure we have implemented enhanced protective measures to secure and control our own operations, this would reflect our marketing and research data to ensure that our services are innovative for our industry, and for the purpose of purchases our services. Our Website uses PayPal to process your payments. Our Privacy Policy are in no way associated with that of PayPal Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy. When you select the option to pay for our services on TNTRPWS, LLC Website, you be directed to directly to PayPal Official Website, all credit card payments will be processed through PayPal Official Website. If, you choose to pay with your own PayPal account, that option is available.

PayPal is considered a third party that collects, processes, and will have access to your personal data and geographic data, their Privacy Policy and Term & Conditions can be read at the point of purchase of TNTRPWS, LLC services. PayPal Privacy Policy is not TNTRPWS, LLC Privacy Policy and should not be associated with our business Website.


TNTRPWS, LLC contractual agreement, dispatch services, account inquiry, customer service, marketing data collection, and technicians are bound by our Privacy Policy and will be enforced. We will not see your credit card information, you receive your invoice detailing your purchase from PayPal. We also send you an email of your official TNTRPWS, LLC invoice detailing our services. We will be able to see, if your payment method has been accepted or declined. We will not see of have access to your credit card information, nor is your credit card stored for future use.

Accountability Transfer of Personal Data for Onward Transparencies

  • We recognize our potential liability for transfer of personal data at TNTRPWS, LLC amidst other third parties. Personal Data will only be shared when third parties who are obligated by contract to provide equivalent levels of protection.

Our Dedication to Recourse, Oversight and Enforcement

  • TNTRPWS, LLC is committed to resolving any concerns regarding collection of your personal data, processing your personal data, and securing your personal data is of utmost importance to our company. We will willingly participate in any privacy programs that provides our customers or individuals who believe that TNTRPWS, LLC has not satisfactorily respected their rights.


  • We collect and use your personal data to manage your relationship with TNTRPWS, LLC so that we can provide better services when you are using our services, by personalizing and improving upon your experiences.

Examples of how we will you use your personal data includes:


Customer Service Experience

Providing you with effortless and secure customer experience by maintaining correct contact and recordkeeping information, delivering wide-ranging customer sustenance, offering subscription services that are classic exemplar different items of interest you. In addition to secure customer service online and when you call, it allows us to get your personal feedback, and enabling you to participate in our “Did You Like Our Services Feedback Survey?” This affords you’re the opportunity to tell us about the pressure washing services you received and “WIN” Survey Feedback Contests Drawing for 15% off your next pressure washing project. TNTRPWS, LLC will use your personal data to deliver personally tailored and customized services, so that no matter what department you will need, you will a great have great customer service experience.


Our Transaction Support Team

Our customer service team will assist with identifying different projects that you want bundled for pressure washing, your account, processing payments, and arranging appointment dates & times for pressure washing services and will assist with rescheduling appointments.


Improvement of Our Support Services

Improving our performance with each visit to your home or business, your services online, or when you speak with one our representative by telephone, it is always about your experience with our company. We want to ensure that we are providing secured services whether online, by phone, or when our technicians greet you at your business or residents, our objective is to always make sure that your personal data is secure.



Collaborating with you about TNTRPWS, LLC Services. These are examples of administrative communications, it may include responses to your inquiries or requests, service completion or warranty-related communications, safety recall announcements, collaborations required by law or applicable corporate updates related to mergers, acquisitions or divestitures.



Maintaining Security Integrity

Preserving and sustaining the integrity and security of our websites, products, features a service and preventing and detecting security threats, fraud or other criminal or malicious activity that may compromise your information. When you interact with us, we will also take judicious strides to verify your identity, such as requiring a password and user ID before granting access to your personal data.



Piloting ordinary business operations, verifying your identity, making credit decisions if you apply for financing, conducting business and analytics, business reporting and management, staff training and quality assurance purposes (which can result in monitoring or recording calls to our customer support) and outreach.


Research & Cutting-edge Innovation

Groundbreaking new products, features and services using qualified research and testing resulting in provident to our industry. As such, these development tools are essential to incorporating data analysis activities.



Allowing personalized marketing offers (in conformity with your Privacy Preferences) TNTRPWS, LLC Privacy Statement informs you of our privacy practices and of the choices you can make. Moreover, the rights you can exercise in relation to your personal data, including information that may be collected from your online activity, use of devices, and interactions you have with TNTRPWS, LLC offline, such as when you engage with our customer support representatives. This Privacy Statement applies to all TNTRPWS, LLC current business practices and any future business endeavors, this would include TNTRPWS, LLC owned websites, domains, services and products (including device management), applications, subscription announcement services (e. g.  discount publications and our discount referral program) and products. Our affiliates (reciprocally “TNTRPWS, LLC” Services), in most cases, TNTRPWS, LLC will be the data controller. If you have inquiries regarding the data controller for specified TNTRPWS, LLC Services, you can contact the TNTRPWS, LLC Privacy Office.

How TNTRPWS, LLC uses Automatic Data Collection Tools

In collaboration with certain other companies to use cookies, clickstream capture, pixels, web beacons, web collection forms and other similar technologies (collectively “Automatic Data Collection Tools”) on our TNTRPWS, LLC Website Services.  This is to understand your use of our TNTRPWS, LLC Services; improve your user knowledge and to empower personalized features and content; optimize our advertisements and marketing; and to enable third-party advertising companies to support us in serving ads specifically targeted

towards your interests across the Internet. Additional information about Automatic Data Collection Tools at:

Online Automatic Data Collection Tools

Upon visiting TNTRPWS, LLC website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, generally in the form of cookies, which are text files containing diminutive amounts of information. This information might be about you, your partialities or your device and is commonly used to make the site function as you would expect it to. The information does not typically identify you specifically, but it can give you a more personalized web experience. TNTRPWS, LLC routinely uses Automatic Data Collection Tools for these subsequent reasons:


  • Stringently Necessary Tools: These are extremely necessary for the website to function and cannot be turned off. Without these, the website or service you are requesting would be impossible to obtain because we cannot enable appropriate content based on the type of device you are using.
  • Implementation and Analytics Tools: These tools are responsible for collecting aggregated, anonymous, statistical-type data that will enable TNTRPWS, LLC to measure, augment and optimize the content, quality and performance of its websites. Additionally, we use our own as well as other third-party Automatic Data Collection Tools to see how you utilize our website and services in order to elevate their performance and develop them according to the preferences of our customers and visitors. An example of Automatic Data Collection Tools that might be used are:
  • Different design testing
  • To ensure constant consistency in appearance throughout our website.
  • Our communications function on our website.
  • The ability to track and provide trend analysis on how our users interact with our website as well as communications.
  • Automatic Data Collection Tools allows us to track errors on our website.
  • We can measure effectiveness of our promotional campaigns.
  • Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, which are operated by Google Inc., to track website usage an activity.

All data gathered will commonly be aggregated to deliver the latest trends and usage patterns for business analysis that allow website enhancements on all platforms by using performance metrics. Our Automatic Data Collection Tools or its analytical results may be also shared with our business partners. The type of data that we collect includes how many visitors visit our website, how many customers login, when they visited, the length of time that was spent on our website, what areas of our website that interested you, such as our various type of services that we offer. The information are not personal identifiers of our customers.  We also obtain similar information about visitors to our partners websites.

Personalization Tools:

These types of tools allow us to remember the choices that you make on our website, such as language preference, the region our customers live in, it enables us the opportunity to enhance our website, and to add more personalized features to make our website more user-friendly. Personalization Tools permits your usage features to be remember, for example, font size, text size and the customization changes to various pages on our website. Additionally, Personalization Tools provides services requested by our website visitors, for example the ability to watch a video or commenting on a blog.  The data collected may be anonymized and cannot be tracked back to your browsing activity on other websites.


Our use of Automatic Data Collection Tools assists in changing the behavior of our website and provide us foresight in how our website looks, so that we can personalize each visitor experience from the information we infer from your behavior on our website or from the data we may already know about our visitors and customers. An example of this, is our customer website registration, which we may use to tailor the services we provide to you or its content, the look and feel delivered to our customers or visitors on a subsequent session to our website. This includes, personalized webpages, product quotes for our services, and our services, Automatic Data Collection Tools to assist our webpage server to recall your specific data.  Upon your next visit to our website, the data you previously chose. Usage of Automatic Data Collection Tools provides us with the different devices used to access our website of if you use the same computer consistently, we may link Automatic Data Collection Tools collected so that you will still receive a personalized online familiarity.  We can also personalize the data obtained, so that what you see, is based on what we already know about each of our customers. Thing means less time spent looking for things on different webpages on our website. Utilization of Automatic Data Collection Tools assists us in providing each customer or visitor to our website a unique web experience, that are personally and exclusively formatted for each customer or visitor preferences.


Directing and Targeting Tools:


These Tools are setup by TNTRPWS, LLC and other third parties, which are inclusive of retailers or advertising partners, that are used to build a profile to deliver targeted advertising in collaboration with all third parties’ websites and for TNTRPWS, LLC website that are more relevant and useful for you, our customer and for each visitor. These may reflect deidentified demographic or other data linked to information you voluntarily have submitted to us, such as your email address.  This also allows us to obtain data related to the TNTRPWS, LLC website and the webpages our customers or potential customers visit as well as your activities on our website. As an example, if a customer or potential customer visited one of our products that we provide services for on one of our website webpages, via the use of cookies, we may retarget you across partner websites with added offers and promotions for a fixed period.

You can find out more about some of our interest-based advertising partners by visiting these websites:


Please note that the above is not a comprehensive list and may be updated by TNTRPWS, LLC from time to time.

If you are a customer, that uses or will be using our website for our product services, the information collected from our website is not anonymous and we may use the information along with other information we know or infer about you including your preferences to tailor content, services, advertising and offers for you.


Analytics or Personalization are set to expire after 364 days.  Automatic Data Collection Tools used for directing and targeting are set to expire after 90 days since your last visit to our website.  When share your information using a social media sharing button on TNTRPWS, LLC websites, the social network will record that you have visited their website from our website. This data may be linked to targeting/advertising activities. These types of tools used by these third parties and how they use the data generated by them will be governed by those companies’ privacy policies.


Additional Automatic Data Collections Tools

TNTRPWS, LLC uses Automatic Data Collection Tools such as web beacons, which are typically a transparent graphic image, the pixel for graphic imagery is usually set for 1 pixel x 1 pixel, this helps us to compile data about your interaction with email or other communications.  A website beacon can be embedded in TNTRPWS, LLC payment or marketing communications to establish whether our messages have been received and opened or acted upon and whether our mailing tools are functioning correctly.

When Choosing Your Privacy Preferences:

Website visitors can make changes regarding Automatic Data Collection Tools, as well as receiving either subscription or general communications at the information collection point or by using other methods, which are described in the following segments.  Although, website visitors can make some changes, but these changes do not apply to communications that focus primarily on administering order completion, contracts, support, product safety warnings, drivers’ updates, or other administrative and transactional notices where the primary purpose of these communications are not used for promotional offers, or marketing.


Marketing & Subscription Communications

TNTRPWS, LLC marketing communications provide data about our products, services, and customer service support; however, you can choose how these communications are delivered, such as via US Postal Service, email, by telephone, facsimile, or using your mobile device. Marketing communications may include new product updates, services information, special offers, personalized content, directed advertising or requests to participate in market research or accordance reviews. Our subscription communications contain emails newsletters, and software updates that may be expressly requested by you or which you agreed to receive. All website visitor may opt out of receiving these general communications by using one of the following procedures:


  • You can choose to “Opt Out” or “Unsubscribe” link in your email, or follow the instructions included in each email subscription communication.
  • You can choose to unsubscribe from messages delivered to your mobile devices, by simply replying to the message with the words “Stop” or “End.”
  • Customers and visitors to the TNTRPWS, LLC website can also contact our Data Protection Officer utilizing the TNTRPWS, LLC Privacy Office at: Please provide your name, contact information and specific relevant information about the TNTRPWS, LLC subscriptions or marketing advertisement you no longer want to receive.



TNTRPWS, LLC collaborates with service providers to market advertisements and promotional offers on websites owned by third-parties. This collaborations with other services providers are achieved by sharing some personal data as described in the section on Third-Party Advertising Cookies and Social Media Cookies.  Additionally, we use and sometimes allow advertising networks and other third-parties to utilize cookies and other Automated Data Collection Tools to determine how you interact with our websites, communications, and services and selected partners websites and to identify your interests, to create profiles and applicable interest segments in order to provide promotional offers and advertising that is most significant and useful to you. For more pertinent information, please refer to the section on How TNTRPWS, LLC Uses

Automated Data Collection Tools.



When your visit TNTRPWS, LLC site, you have the choice to accept or alter what cookies you permit us to place on your browser through our Privacy Preference Center. Moreover, you can also modify these settings at anytime by visiting Cookies Settings.


Your Cookies Settings


Visitors to any site have options not to allow cookies at all, please refer to your browser settings, It is here that we will inform you, that by disabling certain categories of cookies, you may be preventing your access to some features of our site or certain content or functionality that may be needed to navigate on our website or some features will not be available to you.  With some browsers you can navigate websites in an incognito or private mode. Additionally, one the browser session is closed, typically all cookies obtained during that session are automatically destroyed.


To opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics across our website, please visit

Although, you have opt-out of Performance and Analytics tracking and Targeting, you possibly will continue to see non-personalized advertisements from TNTRPWS, LLC via our collaboration with our partners.  As an illustration, you may possibly visit a website containing Personal Computer feature assessment. Our partners might provide you with advertisement from TNTRPWS, LLC based on your interest with our products and services.


If you are in the EU and would like to opt-out of third-party cookies relating to your interest-based advertising, please visit

In the United States and Canada, we comply with the Digital Advertising Alliance Industry standards with respect to interest-based advertising.  To learn more about your advertising elections, if you are in the USA or Canada, please refer to Network Advertising Initiative who will assist you with the means to opt-out of a plethora of advertising cookies. Please go to the www, to learn additional information about interest-advertising and how you can opt-out.  It is Important that you understand that opting out does not mean that you will not receive online advertising, However, it does means that the company or companies from which you opted out will no longer have the capability of being able to deliver tailored advertisements based on your web preferences and usage patterns.

Newer website browsers incorporate “Do Not Track” features. At this very moment, no industry standard are in place for handling “Do Not Track” requests from website visitor, at this time.  Our websites may not respond to “Do Not Track” requests or headers from the newer browsers.



Visitors and our customers can disable automatic data collection tools, such as web beacons, in email messages by not downloading images contained in messages that you receive (this feature varies depending on the email software being used on your personal computer devices). Although, performing this task may not always disable Automatic Data Collection Tools, because some email messages software is equipped with specific email software capabilities. If you would like more information about this, please refer to the information given regarding your email software or contact your email service provider.


Exercising Your Rights and Contacting TNTRPWS, LLC

It is important to TNTRPWS, LLC that you know what your rights are, please find the following list of items that you can request from us.:

  • Request a copy of any personal data that you have provided to us.
  • That we maintain and provide you with an explanation about the processing of a request about you.
  • You have the right to withdraw any consent previously granted.
  • To request correction on data collected.
  • Your rights to amend data collected.
  • You also have the right to restrict data collected about you.
  • You have the right to request anonymization about your data.
  • You have the right to request deletion of your personal data
  • You have the right to request and obtain your personal data your provided to us with your consent, such as contractual agreements.
  • You have the right to have machine readable format of your personal data.
  • You have the right to request from us that we transfer your personal data to another data controller.

Additionally, your rights to object to the processing of your personal information in some circumstances, in particular when we are using your personal information for direct marketing or to create a targeted marketing profile using your personal data. Please see the topic Choosing Your Privacy Preferences for understanding and guidance on how to exercise your rights regarding marketing.

There are certain cases, that these rights may be limited, an example of these limitation, when are fulfilling your request, which would reveal your personal data about another individual. Another circumstance of limitations is if you ask us to delete information that we are required by law to keep or we have compelling legitimate interests to keep your personal data.

To exercise your rights, or if you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Statement, our collection and use of your personal information or in the case of a breach of local privacy laws, you can contact TNTRPWS, LLC Chief Privacy and Data Protection Officer at or write to us at 130 Prominence Point Parkway, Suite 141 Canton, GA 30114

REST OF WORLD TNTRPWS, LLC Global Legal Affairs ATTN: Privacy Office 130 Prominence Point Parkway, Suite 141 Canton, GA 30114 USA

TNTRPWS, LLC policy is to keep all communication confidential, upon receipt of your written or verbal communication with our representative. We will respond to your request within a reasonable amount of time, to respond to your concerns and/or questions.  Our goal is to ensure that your questions and concerns are resolved in a timely and appropriate manner.

If we are unable to resolve your concerns, you have the right to contact a data privacy supervisory authority here in the United States in the state where your reside or work, or where you consider that the data protection rules have been breached or seek a resolution through the courts.

Information Automatically Collected About Your Use of TNTRPWS, LLC Services

Our Use of Cookies

  • We use cookies that are essential – Most cookies are essential in order to enable your movement around the or website and we use their features to, accessing secure areas of our Website. If, we are deprived of these cookies, we are t unable to appropriate user content based on the different types of devices you are using.
  • We use cookies to remember your choices – These cookies, permit us to recollect your selections on our Website. Notwithstanding, your preferred language or your location. This enhances our ability to make improvements, to develop more personalized elections. Additionally, your choice text size, fonts and different areas of the web pages that can be modified. Cookies that allows us to provide services that have been requested, such as a blog page or be able to watch videos. The data that these cookies collect may be inconspicuousness and they are not able to track your browsing interest on other websites.

Third Party Advertising Cookies & Social Media Cookies

Our Website permits advertisers and other third parties’ merchants to place cookies on our website to permit them to advertise on and off our TNTRPWS, LLC website, some merchants may be more pertinent and advantageous for you. We sometimes we may use remarketing tags such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to name a few. This will permit our merchant partners to advertise products and services, that you can browse on our website. We must make it clear, that we do not divulge or share any of our customers data, this is strictly for advertising partners and third parties that will directly identify you. These advertising partners and other third parties such as ad networks, ad-serving businesses, and other service providers they may use. It is often assumed that the users who interact with or just by clicking on a personalized ad or content are part of the group that the ad or content is concentrated towards. The personal data may include your name, postal address, email address, device ID, or other identifier in encrypted form. These third-party providers may collect additional information from you, such as your IP address and information about your browser or operating system. Moreover, this data may conjoin information about you with information from other companies in data sharing collaboration, which is a pool of resources for personal data, in which we participate.

Sharing Other Information with Third Parties

TNTRPWS, LLC, may share your personal data with;(I.) credit references and fraud prevention agencies. ;(ii) debt collections agencies (for outstanding debts with us; or(iii) insurance providers if you have purchased an insurance policy through us (e.g. Care Packs). If you choose to provide personal data to other companies, that personal data will be handled to the privacy policy of those companies, which may different from TNTRPWS, LLC’s handled accordingly, to our terms of the Privacy Policy of those companies, which may different from TNTRPWS, LLC’s policies and practices.


In the event of arising circumstances, whether for strategic or other business reasons, TNTRPWS, LLC decides to, sell, buy, merge or otherwise reorganize businesses. In such transactions, we may disclose or transfer your personal data to prospective or actual purchasers or receive personal data from sellers. It is TNTRPWS, LLC’s practice to seek the appropriate protection for your personal data in these types of transactions.

Advertising Personalized Promotion Offers

Delivering personalized promotional offers (in accordance with your Privacy Preferences) on TNTRPWS, LLC Services and other selected partner websites (for example, you might see an advertisement for a product on a partner site that you recently viewed on an TNTRPWS, LLC site). We may also share some of your information with marketing service providers and digital marketing networks to present advertisements that interest you



We may also share your personal data when we believe, in good faith, that we have an obligation to: (I) respond to duly authorized information request of law enforcement agencies, regulators, courts and other public authorities, including to meet national security or other law enforcement requirements; (ii) comply with any law, regulation, subpoena, or court order, (iii) investigate and help prevent security threats, fraud or other criminal or malicious activity; (iv) enforce/protect the rights and properties, of HP or its subsidiaries; or (v) protect the rights or personal safety of TNTRPWS, LLC, our employees, and third parties on or using TNTRPWS,LLC property when allowed and in line with the requirements of applicable law.

Here are websites you can visit to obtain more information about interest-based

marketing and advertising businesses:


Our most important goal is to keep your personal data secure. To prevent loss, unauthorized access, use or disclosure and to ensure the appropriate utilization of your personal information. We use practical and correct physical, technical, and managerial procedures to safeguard the information we obtain and process.  TNTRPWS, LLC retains personal data that is permitted by law and while the data continues to have a authentic business purposefulness.

When we are obtaining, transferring or storing sensitive personal data such as financial information we use a variety of additional security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized users, use, or disclosure of your information.  When we pass on highly-confidential personal data (e. g. such as credit card numbers or passwords) over the internet, we protect it through the use of encryption, we use the later versions of the Transport Layer Security (“TLS”)protocol.

As a part of real-time payment processing, we also subscribe to fraud management services. This service provides TNTRPWS, LLC with an extra level of security to guard against credit card fraud and to protect your financial data in accordance with Federal and State laws as well with the industry standards.

TNTRPWS, LLC maintain records in accordance with the law and our records retention policy. Under this retention policy, all non-business records are typically destroyed or permanently deleted within one to two years from the date of conception. Our business records, the retention timeline varies depending on the type of record.

Records relating to employment, compensation, benefits and payroll are maintained while the employee are actively employed and then they are kept for an additional ten (10) years.  Business records including records relating to our customers and vendors transactions are maintained while active and for another period of up to fifteen (15) years.

When these retention records has reached expiration, electronic records are permanently deleted and/or erased so as to ensure that cannot be stored and physical records are destroyed in a manner that they cannot be reproduced (e.g. shredding).

Your Selection Regarding Automatic Data Collection & Online Tracking

When relevant, we require your permission to use cookies and other Automatic Data Collection Tools, which stores or access information on your device.


  • If you do not want to allow cookies at all, or only what to permit

TNTRPWS, LLC Privacy Policy Governing Minor Children

The Website Content Is Not for Minor Children (Under the Age of 18) TNTRPWS, LLC does not knowingly collect information from minor children as defined by local and federal law, nor does our Website or Mobile Application designed to entice or to lure minor children, our website and mobile apps does not permit minor children nor is it suited for minor children. We have protocol in place to assist us in identifying fraudulent use, these protocol policies are designed specifically for adult interaction as it pertains to their actual ownership of their personal information (e. g. personal security questions that only the owners of the personal information would know.) As aforementioned, we do not knowingly collect information from minor children, that is why we have put these and other security measure and protocol policies in place to prevent unauthorized use.